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Diary – 12.02.2020
By: Tor Erik
Categories: Journal

What really happened yesterday?

I woke up at the usual time, 5 am. I went down to the kitchen and made myself some breakfast from the leftovers of mondays dinner. Everything seemed completely normal. I mean, why shouldn’t they? It’s not like I’m psychic and could forsee what would happen later that day.

I went into my office cabin, a tiny house on the porch, where I prepared to start the days work, “dinnerfast” in hand. I had to tweak the welcome mail for the newsletter, because the entire project had changed. It wasn’t Roots og Gaia anymore. It’s becoming its own thing, so I tied up loose ends from the beginning of the project. Things were going relatively smooth.

I managed to create some new headers and banners that represented The FML Project better. It looked slightly “childish” before. As I’ve been working on it and speaking to more and more people, I feel like this is a serious thing, and the branding has to reflect that. After all, what is more serious than life? At the end of the day, that is what we’re trying to improve for people with all of this.

So I made the foundations for a new logo, I typed out some copy for the newsletter and all of a sudden it was 7:45 am. Time to head to the office…. -from the office.. I’m still getting used to that. But having to leave the house for “work” has made some remarkable changes in my productivity! I get to the office, documents and equipment in hand, pour myself a cup ‘o Joe, sit down at the desk and get straight to work, actually looking forward to working! It’s an amazing feeling and incredibly efficient!

I did some work on the website, wrote some articles, talked to some people, browsed topics of interest and looked for interesting people to talk to down the line etc. So much got done that I actually left early, because I didn’t know what else I could do. I figured I might as well do some errands and head back to the house to hang out with my daughter. Again, amazing!

Pay the piper

But things had started to crumble a bit, without me even noticing. I received a letter from the government the day before. They said they were taking $500 from me as soon as possible. That sucked, I thought, but I understood why. I haven’t been able to keep up with bills in god knows how long, and this was for a speeding ticket back in May last year. The po-po has no mercy, you know. Then I got another letter of a similar nature, from a different bill. I guess they did a spring clean-up and found my name, so now they just took everything at once. The amount totaled at $1100 that they were just going to deduct asap.

Weeeell, shit. Time to find a box and think outside of it for a bit, right? But for some reason, that didn’t phase me. Usually, I would’ve ended up in a desperate hole if that happened. But not this time, something had changed. I went into the cabin office to work a little again, but after I’d been writing for a good 20 minutes, the autosave said “Ooops, something is wrong, try again later.” I didn’t mind, I had time, so I kept typing. The message kept popping up though.

Then it hit me. What if what’s wrong is actually the internet? I said out loud; “Hey, Google!”. Instantly, the room was filled with “Sorry, I can’t connect to internet right now, please check your internet connection or try again later”.

Weeeell, shit. I headed back inside. The fiber central had a red light on it, something I’d never seen on this box. After a few minutes, I called the ISP who told me, in an extremely “I hate my life and my job”-kind of way, that the entire street was out. Might have to wait 1-3 days for a technician to get there. Oh, well, we’ll figure out something in the meanwhile, I thought.

I started playing with my daughter. We read some books, drew on the chalkboard, ran around the house etc. Then, all of a sudden, my wristwatch’s rubber band breaks off. I bought it ages ago, when I wanted to start working out. Being a human being, I also love to solve problems I don’t have yet, so I bought an expensive timepiece to help with the workout. Yeah, I know. It’s a good watch though, and I’ve had it for years. Now, all of a sudden, it broke..

What is going on??

For some reason, the universe was testing me, but I didn’t get upset. I actually giggled when I thought about it, because so many things happened that day. Everything just fell a part, for some reason. That’s when I realized that I have an amazing life. No matter what happens, I remain happy and content. I guess that’s what the saying is all about; “See the positive in the negative.” Sub-consciously, I’m always grateful to be alive, to feel the chill on my body, to be able to feel sick and all that jazz. Because I’m genuinely happy to be alive, I’m really not phased by every day set-backs. Cool, right?

We had dinner and my daughter watched some tv. We’ve set a routine on screentime, so that it’s limited to lunch and post dinner. I was reading The Tibetan Book of the Dead, when I suddenly received a message. “Business opportunity… Interesting”. I talked over some details and we got ready for my daughter to head to bed. When she was tucked in, I headed back to the office to type out the rest of what I was doing, so that I’d be set for when the internet returned.


When the day ended, the universe thanked me for my patience. That is the only explanation I have for what happened. Within the timespan of 30 minutes, as I laid in bed, the internet returned, I got a notfication that an item I’ve been trying to sell for ages got sold, I got an idea for what I had to finish up when I woke the next morning, and I received a letter from the office I had a meeting with the other day, saying that my business plan and strategy was sound. That they fully support what I intend to achieve, because from their experience, this was about to become a success, if I put in the work.

Uhm… Thank you, universe?

That happens a lot. When I just go about my day and something goes to shit, something way better comes into play if I don’t start acting from anger or self pity. Before, I’d run straight on to Facebook and shout to the virtual masses about how shitty my day was.

Life is amazing, don’t you think?


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