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From “Fuck… My Life” to “FUCK! My LIFE!”
By: Tor Erik
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My business is called The FML Project. Fuck My Life. There’s a good reason for that.

When I was 18, I woke up one day with a left arm that was 11cm larger in diameter than my right. That puts one heck of a shock into your life.

I was diagnosed with an inoperable, permanent, and rare type of blood clot in my left shoulder. My life had forever changed… -for the worse.

I burnt down a mall during a drunken accident at age 20 and committed 3 armed robberies to pay for the said mall.

Pro tip: Never do something illegal to fix the outcome of something illegal.

I was caught (thankfully) and sentenced to 3 years in prison and $4million in debt. I was 21.

I tried to change after prison, but the clot made me faint on the jobs I managed to land, so I was let go countless times.

After I lost the last job in 2014, I’ve been on a quest to create an online income.

I received a baby boy in 2015, which gave me the motivation to push for something larger than myself.

The relationship didn’t last though.

When I was having a break from building my online dream, working as a virtual sex chat operator for money, I went to a festival that was part of the settlement between me and my ex.

Here I met someone who turned out to be my soulmate. We instantly connected, and my life was forever changed. I say that, because I can trace everything that has happened – good or bad – back to that moment. A picture was even taken to etch it into history. (See attached picture)

We moved in together, me and the girl. But she wasn’t a Norwegian citizen. I woved that I would fight for her residency, which I have been ever since.

Shortly after, we received a baby girl. My life was amazing. I had started meditating, bought my first course, hired my first coach, made some cool things! I was even recording it all during a 100 Day Challenge, where I recorded my highs and lows. It literally documents my personal growth.

All of a sudden, we received a letter, saying that she had been deported the month prior. We received the letter long after they sent it, leaving us without options.

My life shattered.

This happened on day 39 of the challenge. I can tap into that feeling on demand, which is a powerful motivator for reaching goals.

Day 79 I delivered them to the airport and my journey had begun.

It took 8 months and 12 days before I had them with me again. During their absence, I had studied quantum physics, epigenetics, psychedelics, biohacking, and more. I had become something completely different.

I started getting up at 5 am, I picked up meditation, took care of my health, started to develop my mind, creating more, loving more, and fought hard for the dream…

During this journey, I’ve made amazing friends, learned amazing things, backstabbed more times than I can count, and just evolved into what I had to become. All of these experiences has made me realize that life is so much more than I thought for more than half of my life.

Today I’m almost debt-free.

  • I live in love and abundance.
  • My house is in raw nature.
  • My blood clot is a medical mystery for mainstream doctors.
  • I’m stronger, healthier, smarter.
  • And I make amazing connections on a daily level.
  • I’m Fulfilled, Motivated, and Loved.

… FML.

I think there are 3 parts to complete transformation, where you’re on your journey to create the dream life.

FML 1 – “Fuck My Life.” Nothing works, everything sucks, nothing is worth it… “I hate this…”

FML 2 – “Fuck…. my.. -Life?” New information is introduced, new habits installed, and the old life you once knew is starting to fade.

FML 3 – “FUCK! My LIFE!! <3” You’re in flow. Aligned and heading towards your wildest dreams. You love every part of your life.

If you’re not living your best life, reach out! Book a call, and let’s talk about it. I know you’ll love it!

I see a lot of “coaches” out there today, who is selling their course, promising amazing results, when the only thing they did was to copy the course they almost finished.

I come from a place of hard truths and painful experience, that has left me in a place of awe in life. I would say that one sees life differently when you’ve fought to stay in it.

You learn things that can only come from experience or deep intuition. An automated course can’t help much when every human is unique, so my mission is to help those who’s ready to learn more about what life is.

To achieve true freedom in every sense of the word – trusting your wings, so you don’t fear the broken branch.

It all starts with a thought…

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What is this?

We’re all going through life at different speeds. Sometimes we feel called to do something “more”. We have dreams we want to fulfill, goals to accomplish.

At the same time, we crave freedom. Freedom to think as one pleases. To act as our authentic self. To love unconditionally.

Personal Development is the uncovering of the mindset that is behind a free life.

Everything can change with one thought. Our job is to find and deliver that thought.


What is this?

Spirituality is so much, and we all have different “labels” associated with each personal understanding of any given label.

The way I teach is through science.

The quantum connection to all things, and how energy – us – are able to not only find our purpose and mission in this life but also create amazing things in the lives of others, as well as our selves.


What is this?

At The FML Project we believe that everyone deserves to be free.

We facilitate ultimate freedom by showing how to unpack your unique knowledge and experience, and how to help others in need of that wisdom, effectively creating an aligned and purposeful business that will enable the lifestyle you desire.

We live in a brand new world, but most of the world has yet to notice.

Forge Your Legacy


What is this?

Freedom is often a concept that lies deep within.

As my biggest change came from Psychedelics, we have a lot of information on the topic.

This information is intended to reduce harm and spread awareness around a far too hidden subject that could save lives if understood and safely applied.

Freedom Movement

What is this?

As we're currently living in a world of coverups and false information in order to induce fear in the hearts of the general population, we've decided to speak up and educate those who don't know where to look for important information.

We share actual proof and patents, discovered by some of the best researchers in the world in order to show as many as possible how to stay safe.

We're at war, and it has been going on for some time.


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