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“Discover The 6 Quick & Easy Ways To Start Impacting The World With Your Knowledge… Starting Today!”

(Even if you’re a complete beginner or have no technical skills at all)

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  • How to master the art of “Skillventory” to find your superpower in as little as 20 minutes!
  • The quick and easy way to attract those who needs you – it works so well you’ll swear it must be magic!
  • You’ll discover the ridiculously easy way to create your legacy – even if you can’t tell a Funnel from a Garden hose!
  • How to quickly recognize and avoid serious entrepreneurial pitfalls, so that you avoid costly mistakes!
  • Why it’s NOT your fault if you still haven’t put your dreams in motion – and what you can do starting today to put the petal to the metal!
Tor Seppola

Meet Tor…

Tor is considered a potato to many who knows him. He knows a little of everything and still tastes pretty decent. He has also worked with 100s of people in their quest to bring their online legacy to light, helping him specialize in how to Forge a Legacy, creating freedom in life with the tools available in an age filled with information and technological “miracles”. 

Since 2014, Tor has been helping online entrepreneurs and leaders who have been misled by the massive overload of online information and “instant gratification gurus” – reach a point where their authenticity and True Self has come to light, enabling them to create a life they’re truly excited about.

In this (potentially) life-changing free eBook, Tor will guide you through the 6 proven ways to unlock the online selling “mystery”… without holding back in order to sell you on anything.

This essential eBook is created from the experience of helping hundreds of Freedom Seekers around the world, and is yours to download free below…

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