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The amazing thing about The FML Project, is that we get to meet truly amazing people from all over the world.
By introducing you to those people, we hope that you’ll feel inspired and motivated to start your dream.

These are normal people, who chose to walk their own path, and by doing so, has some amazing stories to tell.

Joachim Krag

Joachim Krag


Joachim is a loving father of two.

He lives in the southern parts of Norway and currently works in a marine transport company, where he gets to see the world and it’s beautiful sites.

When he’s at home, he finds great joy in oil-painting.

He’s also a skilled musician and has started exploring his musical creativity after a while on hiatus.

In 2021, he plans to walk from the Northern tip of Norway, all the way to the most Southern point. He will learn to know himself and what he is capable of, while inspiring others to live life as they want, by showing that it’s possible.

He was a guest on The FML Podcast, where he shared his dream and we can’t wait to see where life will take him.

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