In every epic story there’s a hero. That applies to your life too. When you set out to do anything online, you need to craft the backstory of your journey. A lot of people think that doing things online is either easy or a fluke, but in reality there’s a lot more to it. You need to grab the attention of your followers. They need something they can identify you with. That’s why it’s super important to have a story about where you came from. As we go through these courses and lessons, you’ll see how you can use this knowledge to help businesses get more clients by using the same principles.

  • Why are you doing this?
  • What is your history?
  • Did you experience something difficult and overcome challenges in your past?
  • Have you done something interesting?
  • Do you think in a certain way?

Everybody has something that is unique to them. In my case, I did some very stupid things in my past, so my MMS is coming from a place of perceived failure, going against the current and achieving success against all odds. Humans love drama, and as a consequence, we love underdogs. Those people who were never “supposed” to get anywhere in life, become inspirational to others when they see that it’s possible.

Conor McGregor, the wildly successful UFC fighter, played the same card. He was an unknown Irishman who came in to the big leagues to shake things up. He was the underdog that messed with the status quo and people loved it.

Additionally, through human history, stories has been extremely important. They were there before documented history even began. Even though our modern day and age is influenced by movies and interactive media, stories still play a huge part in our society. So sit down and think long and hard about this. Your story needs to be interesting and resonate with you. It’s your identity.

In the beginning, if you’ve never really thought about using your story before, things will seem weird. All of a sudden you’re doing stuff you never did before, but keep at it and it will get better.

Because video is blowing up, I’d recommend you start using it. People are lazy, let’s face it. It’s easier for a person to watch a video, than it is to read through a post of lots of texts. Because talking to the camera is uncomfortable in the beginning, you should start a habit.

Each and every day, put off a little chunk of time and just record yourself. Air out your thoughts to the camera. You don’t have to post it and it might seem weird, but by doing it every day and sticking to the habit, you’ll form neuron connections in the area of the brain that currently struggles with on-camera preformance. Keep doing this and you’ll soon realize that you’ve improved. It becomes easier and easier the more you do it, trust me.

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