Magic Mushrooms: What you should know in 2021
By: Tor Erik
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From that headline, you might be starting this read with a “Who the hell does he think he is, thinking that I need to know information about magic mushrooms?”

This is simply a small example of what is possible with this medicine.

A Magic Mushroom in Demand of Respect

In this article, I want to share some harm-reducing information and personal experience about a magic mushroom that completely changed my life – from being way down at the bottom, to live the life I could only dream of.

I’m talking about Psilocybe Semilanceata, AKA Liberty Caps, or as we say in Norway; Flein.

The Poisonous Narcotic That Grows in the Wild

Since mankind started our journey, there has been historical evidence that mushrooms and other plants have been used for a wide range of purposes. Some even say that they have a role in our actual evolution. With what I’ve learned so far, I’m supporting that statement.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that it was made illegal because all of a sudden people were against war and other profit-generating activities. The acts carried out by a few people who should’ve been more educated on the substances were the final drop that lawmakers needed to make it official.

magic mushrooms in a field

In his book The Immortality Key: The Secret History of the Religion with No Name, Bryan Muraresku went on a journey to track down the origins of psychedelics. He found evidence that the Vatican had been fighting these substances since they got to power. Documents hidden away in the secret vault told the story of religious agents tearing down temples and prosecuting practitioners in the name of their god.

“Don’t do this, you’ll doom mankind!”

– Shouted by a bystander at the temple of Eleusis, as agents of Christianity tore it down in the name of “love”

In Greece, about 600 BCE, the Eleusinian Mysteries originated. They were yearly initiations held in honor of the gods Demeter and Persephone. The goal of these ceremonies was to die before one died so that one would live forever. More on that in a little bit.

We know a great deal about history, and even more so about the part psychedelics played in it after Muraresku published his book. As a former Catholic with a law degree, holding a master’s degree in Sanskrit and ancient languages, he had never tried psychedelics, making him the perfect spokesperson and authority figure for the mystical substance.


In modern times, we’re told that these things are dangerous from a very young age. We’re being told to steer clear of it to avoid ruining our lives forever, or even worse – never “landing” from a trip, making us raving psychopaths that would eat people’s faces if given the chance.

How it came to this, I don’t know, but one has to admire the imagination of the people trying to keep this a secret. When I hear people in power talk about psychedelics, it’s abundantly clear that they have never tried the substance themselves, often citing “evidence” from tabloid magazines, government-backed sources, or teen blogs. They’ll do anything in their power to keep it hidden from the general public.

If one was to look for Psilocybe Semilanceata in any Norwegian mushroom book, one can expect to find a red triangle under its picture, saying it’s a severely poisonous neurotoxin and not much more information. Interesting, indeed… – but not very educational.

Our parents have been told by their parents, who has been told by their parents and so on, that this is dangerous, so of course, the belief will continue until someone takes the step to actually try it for themselves regardless of what everyone else says.

That’s what happened in my case.

The Mushroom Appears

I could never downplay the effects this had on my own life, but I also want to be very clear about the fact that this shouldn’t be done unless people actually know what they’re doing.

Furthermore, if a person has underlying mental issues or diagnoses, they should be extremely cautious in their approach to this subject. There is no such thing as a textbook effect to this, meaning that every individual needs to truly understand what could go wrong and if it would even be a good idea to mess with it in the first place.

Some people are simply chasing a high, and would therefore eat more or less anything they’d find in the hopes that it was the correct mushroom or substance. It’s like playing Russian roulette simply because you’re bored, which is probably not the best pass-time to engage in.

This will, of course, give the whole subject a bad reputation, because people will have adverse effects which will lead to less than desirable actions taken. “Teenager thought he could fly from the 7th floor” isn’t something we would want to have connected to a sacred medicine, but this is a very real possibility if one simply consumes whatever is available.

I had lost my daughter and was searching for a way to change that. I wanted to get my family back, but I was struggling with no result.

I was researching and experimenting with meditation, which had expanded my consciousness somewhat regarding what humans are capable of. It took me down a rabbit hole of information and studies, which then presented me with natural medicine that would promote neurogenesis quicker than I could with meditation.

After the initial experience, I saw the world differently, and I’m not talking about the pink filter I saw it through during the experience. It made me think deeper. So deep in fact, that I started to see patterns that had lead up to certain events, and thus what I could do to fix or alter them.

I started reading books on reprogramming my mind, marketing, business, and a whole lot of topics that would put me to sleep prior to the experience.

I had found “something”, and it fascinated me to no end.

Studying became a pass-time, rather than a chore

Life Altering Effects

I used to be pretty narrow-minded. I did things from a habitual modus operandi and I couldn’t see it myself. This is how most people live their lives, unaware that most of what we do is simply subconscious programming that we have adopted throughout our lives.

That was the first indicator that something had happened. I was noticing myself and my actions! I was asking questions as to why I was doing things in a certain way, why I was reacting to certain things, and so on.

I saw that I could be nicer to other people. I started to feel genuine love for everyone, and I could clearly see what I needed to do in order to change my life. It is important to note that this was AFTER the experience, not during. I don’t need psychedelics to live a life of purpose and fulfillment today, simply because it showed me the door. All I had to do was to open it, with a willingness to put in the work.

I got my family back to Norway after 8 months and 12 days. After the main objective was complete, I needed to find ways to keep them safe and secure. I studied harder than ever and expanded my mind in ways I could never imagine.

If I was to tell my former self that my profession would become to help other people, I would have a hard time believing it. If I was to tell him that I help people with personal development, aided by quantum physics and epigenetics, I would ask what the heck I had eaten and try to slap some sense into myself.

The effects have made me so different than the person I used to be that still to this day, I have problems believing it.

“Different” in the sense that I have become a better person for myself and those around me.

I can communicate and navigate emotional states and dark perspectives in myself and other people.

I can identify limiting beliefs in the bat of an eye, where before I didn’t even know what the concept of limiting beliefs was…

I can see patterns and possible solutions like never before, and my mind has become a manifesting machine that will lead me to whatever outcome I choose to create.

And the best part?

This is not because of psychedelics. It’s because of what psychedelics showed me.

I found personal development and started to apply the principles, which in turn led me to even more profound shifts. Again, as I mentioned before, the psychedelics just showed me the door. (Hey, that rhymed)

Curing Mental Illness with Magic Mushrooms?

Many people seek this medicine because of what modern research has found regarding mental illness, depression, anxiety, etc.

If I was to say why it could help in these areas, I would say it’s because it introduces love in a different way than before.

We all have different associations to the concept of love, so it becomes very different when the emotion literally becomes you. When you can feel an emotion to a point where you are the emotion, it’s hard to ignore it.

In our modern society, many struggles with self-worth, self-love, love for others, empathy, creativity, and so on. It’s no wonder when we’re constantly being fed news and advertisements that promote pencil-thin bodies, plump lips, big boobs, botox-butts, etc.

We fall victim to the whole “they are better than me” mentality. We follow the crowd. We live our lives through the lens of what we think other people would accept us for, simply because they post perfect vacation pictures on social media and show how a life “should look like”.

When love is introduced to life, it opens a channel to even more things, like expanded creativity, care & compassion, reflection, appreciation for what we have, awareness of the world we live in, and so much more.

From that point, it’s all about holding oneself accountable and keep putting in the work to live a life one desires. A life of authenticity and purpose, aligned with our values and beliefs.

Our lives are dictated by our BS – belief systems – and sometimes they are so deep that we have a hard time spotting them. They are formed by what we learn from our teachers through life, meaning that we model what we believe to be right.

A racist lives with the belief that a person with different skin color is “bad”. That they are to be hated and feared. A baby does not have these beliefs when it is born, so it comes down to the values and beliefs of those who teach the baby how to live life.

If their entire life has been subjected to such beliefs, it’s reality, and reality is a big thing to change. This is where one could benefit from some deep reprogramming, aided by our Nature’s medicine.

Introducing The Universe

The thing that gave me the biggest metaphysical slap across the facial region, was seeing the Universe for the first time.

As I mentioned, I started to find joy in learning. This brought me to the concepts of quantum physics and epigenetics, two terms that I would never think I would use to the degree I do today.

The journey of thought, the power of emotions, the electromagnetic frequency of the earth, the history that brought us here, the amazing capabilities of the human mind, and so much more.

I used to be severely limited by a blood clot that kept me from working a normal job, but through the science of Epigenetics, I managed to regain control of my hitherto useless arm.

Epigenetics literally means “Above the gene”, so the practice – according to my current limited understanding of the Universe – is to “tell” your genes to express different hormones, almost mirroring the physical appearance of an image you hold in your subconscious mind.

If you have a clear vision of what your life looks like, even though it might not currently be so, your mind will act on that information. It can’t tell the difference between a thought and reality, so it will do what it can to operate in the manner it can “see” and understand.

If your visual mental image is strong and consistent, your brain will start seeing that as reality, and then you might see physical changes happening in your world. This could be anything from events coming to pass, to your body becoming healthier, and miracles happening in your life.

I was never one for “woo-woo”, so when I was introduced to the law of attraction, the power of positivity, The Universe, etc, I needed a way to actually quantify the information. This is why I got into my field – because it’s all based on actual science, making me able to make sense of it, rather than saying “This is what one should believe in, simply because that’s what everyone says.”

To bring some clarity to this concept, we need to mention your Reticular Activating System. In your brain, you have a “sorting mechanism” – The RAS. Its job is to figure out solutions to your problems, regardless of what they are.

You could ask yourself “How many red balloons are there in the city?” and you’ll notice a whole lot more red balloons than normal, simply because they are now plotted into your system.

This goes for anything.

If you have a negative thought, like “Why does this always happen to me?”, you will give your RAS the instruction to point out all the reasons for why bad things “always” happen to you.

If you ask a positive question, like “Why am I so loved?”, you might see all the reasons as to why you’re an amazing human.

Do you see how it works?

It’s not done overnight, but by practicing this and being aware of it, doing at least 1% every day, you will be 37,5% better at it at the end of the year. Slow progression is still progression, and the main thing is to keep consistent.

Quantum Meditation and Myco Practice

When I first started meditating, I was in it for the calm. To observe my thoughts and to gain clarity in chaos. That’s because it was all I knew about it at the time.

How could I know something I don’t know?

There are levels to learning, so I had to start at level 1 just like everyone else. The key is to start, though.

  1. Unconscious Incompetence – You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
  2. Conscious Incompetence – You Know That You Don’t Know
  3. Conscious Competence – You Know That You Know
  4. Unconscious Competence – Habitual

Once I found Quantum Meditation, I saw that there was way more to it. Astral projection, remote healing, remote viewing, subconscious programming, manifesting, super-learning, speedreading, and the list goes on.

It fascinated me and got me even more invested, knowing that this is the literal key to the Universe, where one can “communicate” with it and design life as we desire.

Throughout time, we’ve had religions where you “speak” to the god of your choice. It turns out – to my surprise – that there’s something to this phenomenon. But because we haven’t been able to measure and explain it until now, it has been labeled by people with a limited understanding of reality. (We’re still limited, but we do have EEG’s and DNA sequencers, something even Darwin didn’t have the luxury of enjoying)

They were smart as shit, don’t get me wrong, but they also wouldn’t believe their eyes if they saw a Boeing 747. Science has evolved, and so should we. Especially now that our technology and society have passed our evolutionary brain, but that’s a story for a different article.

Facing Death with Magic Mushrooms

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Eleusinian Mysteries was about dying before you die, so that you could live forever.

This is a lofty concept for some people, but the term “Ego Death” is often repeated in the field of psychedelics. Ego death is when you “die”, or more aptly put – when your former egoic Self “dies”.

It’s when you feel no resentment towards another person for saying something you don’t agree with. When you can love someone regardless of what they do differently than you. When you can be a part of conversations about “triggering” topics without being triggered.

It also sets you free from materialistic personal gain. You might feel bad for doing bad towards others to enrich yourself, and so on.

Simply put, ego death lets you see the world in a bigger way, free of the interference of your personal wants, needs, and desires. You feel good about yourself and in your service towards others. But then again…

“For those who’ve never had the experience, no explanation is possible. For those who have, none is necessary.”

– Ram Dass

My ego death came incrementally, without me really noticing it. All of a sudden, I took inventory of my life and saw – to my great surprise – that everything had changed.

But I also wanted to take epigenetics to the next level. Sure, I had removed the pain and limitations of my blood clot, but it was still there. I still consumed blood thinners every day, as per the doctor’s request. I am destined to do this for the rest of my life if I can’t find a solution.

So I ingested 12 grams of Semilanceata. For those who have some experience on the subject, you know the significance of such a dose.

  • 0.1-1 grams = Low Dose: From microdose/subperceptive to mild
  • 1-3 grams = Moderate Dose: You’ll most likely have an experience
  • 3-4 grams = High Dose: You’ll most likely have a potentially “heavy” experience
  • 4-8 grams = Heroic Dose: Hold on to something…
  • 12 grams = What the hell are you thinking?

    IMPORTANT: Dosages vary immensly from strain to strain, as well as from people to people. Know YOUR levels of tolerance and never assume you’ll be able to handle something before you’ve worked yourself up to it. You wouldn’t dive to the deepest depths of the ocean without an oxygen tank, now would you?

The point of such a big dose was to separate me from my physical reality to such a degree that I could shape it. It worked, but as mushrooms will show you what you need to see, it didn’t work as I hoped.

I managed to get answers to a great many things, but I still take my medication every day.

My intention and thesis were that if I truly accept my death, where I was willing to abandon my family on the edge of a cliff as I leaped into the unknown, hoping there would be water under the clouds beneath – I would “demanifest” the clot.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Because I was taking the pills every night, I was also acknowledging the fact that the clot was still present, because it had some of my focus every day.

I had to be willing – no, KNOWING – that if I stopped taking the pills, I wouldn’t die, as the doctors have been telling me and programming me to believe since 2005.

In this endeavor, I failed. But I did learn quite a lot, so the experiment itself wasn’t a failure.

I would NOT recommend you try the same though. I did this because I have a lot of experience with how my mind operates, as well as a relatively good understanding of how I operate under the influence of psychedelics.


Psychedelic mushrooms have given me a new life of ultimate freedom. It has provided clarity, removed limitations, opened up the passion for learning, given me a new sense of the concept of love, made me see my place in the Universe, enabled me to be a better father, gain new ambitions, find purpose and so much more.

Yet, I would never recommend anyone to embark on this journey without really researching and studying what they are about to experience.

Too many take psychedelics without the profound respect it deserves. They might see it as a party drug, or something “cool” to see visual hallucinations.

My personal opinion is that this medicine is the key to the Universe. And I do believe many others share that opinion.

It can make you see reality in a completely transformative new way. It can bring a new understanding of one’s self and those around us.

But it’s not a magic pill. To achieve anything worth having in life requires work. This type of work is about facing one’s own limitations and fears, to be able to transcend a life of “normalcy”. It cannot be underestimated. Neither can its profound effects be underestimated, if one chooses to take the journey seriously.

If you found interest in this article, I invite you to get to work. Take inventory of what you have in your life and really think about where you want to go.

If you feel like you’re lacking freedom in any way, check out more articles where we talk about what’s about to happen, etc. You can also find many resources right here on the site that will empower you to take action on the next step of your journey.

Until next time, have a magical day, and take care of your f*ck’n family.

Mush Love,

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