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Our Vision
By: Tor Erik
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I find it fascinating how our brain works.

I didn’t have a vision for this at the beginning. None, what so ever. It came as I was working at something else. I was designing the website and the branding for Roots of Gaia. This was Roots of Gaia originally, but something happened.

I thought to myself that I had to do something with my life a long time ago. That’s when I started studying on my own. I wasn’t receiving any help from the government, quite the contrary. So I was looking into ways of making money online. It took a lot of work, a shit-ton of set-backs and pain and several mindshifts, but it made a massive difference.

Now, in 2020, I see the pattern. How this vision came to light. Because I’ve studied the brain, and how to implement good habits in my life, I can clearly see the steps that has led me to creating The FML Project. Piece by piece, I’ve been adding to the knowledge about my reality.

Piece by piece, I’ve been cultivating this new identity.

Over the course of the years, I learned that I couldn’t simply study how to make money. I had to study the psychology of those I was doing transactions with. I fell into a new rabbit hole after each subject. I’m smiling as I’m thinking about it, because I was basically creating a new me, without even knowing it! Now I’m not thinking about money at all, but rather what value I can create. By focusing on value, the money will “manifest”.

thefmlproject our-vision

A New Me

In 8 years, I had changed my physiology completely. My brain chemistry was completely different, and I was focusing more on how to bring about value and help, not simply getting some money for myself and my family, which was the initial plan for all of this.

After I’d become this new person, my vision was clear. I needed to do something for my family. I had to “save” them, then I wanted to break the shackles for other people.

Many people in this world are facing great difficulties every day. It shouldn’t be like that. Not with the technology that we have available. Most people have a smartphone, which is all we need to make a change in our lives. With an internet connection, you can reach anyone in the world and learn virtually anything you need to know.

A lot of people know this, so why aren’t there more people doing what they love in life? They have the power, and they know what that phone is capable of, but still, they keep scrolling the feed of Kim Kardashian and the latest Trump mishap. They’re consuming, not consciously creating.

Limiting Beliefs

I realized that I had to make people see what kind of power they have. What they can become and what they can achieve. There’s not a person on earth that is more valuable than the next, but our society has boxed us up in limiting beliefpatterns that makes us think that we’re less than we are. For what? An older family than yours? Because some people started exploiting others in the past and now we’ll just accept that they’re ruining the planet we all live on in the name of profit?

Those who were there when the internet came, know it as something different than those who were born in the 2000’s. The new generation knows it as social media platforms, media, entertainment, and Snapchat filters.

While those who’ve seen the development are either using it to grow as a human, taking advantage of this amazing opportunity, or not fully understanding what it is yet. This puts us into a bubble of huge potential. We are on the brink of something historical and we need to wake people up so that they can be a part of it before it’s too late. We can actually tilt the scales back into the preservation of the planet and its people. But we have to act now.

Brand New World

Many people are already living the life of their dreams and many consumers know this, because they follow them on social media and envy their lifestyle.

The problem occurs when they think they’re the exeption. Why should a hormonally unbalanced teen from Minnesota be more successful in life than an intelligent, hard working person who’s struggling through life?

By now, I think you see where I’m going with this. There is absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t live exactly how you choose. You just need to know how. You need to know the platforms, the frameworks, the techniques and the psychology to use this magical tool as a conscious creator and I want.. – no, I need to show you how.

If I can make people see the vision and if they see it in the same way, we can do this world a favor. With the resources that we’ll gain, we can tackle important issues, like ridding the world of plastic, helping the hungry and the homeless, try to actually save our planet’s environment before the big corporations destroy it.

That’s my vision. A tribal movement that will sweep the globe with positive change, while living the life they deserve and creating what they love.

We can make it better for our children.

Isn’t that worth fighting for?


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