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Our Mission Is To Enable Freedom Seekers To Unlock Their True And Authentic Selves And Forge The Ultimate Freedom In Their Life Through Fundamentals Learned From Modern Science And The Old Ways Of The Vikings; And Inspiring Them To Encourage Others To Do The Same.

Make your life matter…

– for the world

The FML Philosophy

All humans are capable of being better, at all times. The moment we decide to do something different is the moment our lives change forever.

We serve, lead, and inspire people to uncover their greatness so that the world becomes a little better in the process.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


You can achieve

the most incredible things

History and personal experience have proven time and time again that anything else is either a current lack of knowledge or an effort to not even try

– Tor Seppola, Personal Development Coach

“We don’t appreciate the soothing candlelight until someone extinguishes it with a smelly fart…”

-Tor Seppola




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The world contains far more information than any single person can learn in their lifetime.

The question is not whether you are ignorant, but what you choose to be ignorant about.

Few topics are worth your precious time. Choose what you pay attention to with great care.
We're fortunate enough to live in an age where all the information and knowledge we'd ever need is within our pocket.

... Literally.

Yet most people would rather seek their opinions on Social Media and the mainstream narrative.

Now - more than ever - we need to make a stance.

We need to say no to those we put into #power.

We need to raise our voice as a collective and change the way we choose to live life if it's not a life we love every second of.

How many complain that the system is at fault?

How many complain about not having enough time or money?

And how many of those do you think are all updated on recent events that is currently being spewed on TV?

As mentioned above, we have all the #knowledge we'd ever need to radically change our life.

We can pick up a book and learn a skill.

We can educate ourselves on how modern business is being conducted.

We can develop new #habits.

We can reach anyone in the world in an instant.

Yet we complain.

Before it's too late, I invite you to consider that you have magic within you, and with that magic you can change the world a bit for the better.

Rise up and make a stance for #freedom and liberty.

Rise up and forge your #Legacy.
Join us Live tomorrow at 2PM EST as we discuss the current situation with Society, Mental Health, and modern Addictions.

The Stream is scheduled at The FML Project's Youtube channel.

Follow @theseppola to get to know why we're on this mission

#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #addictionawareness #society #habithacking #freedomthinkers #thefmlproject
Slaying dragons with tweezers..

Not the most awesome feeling in the world.

Here's a huge scaly lizard, out to eat your face off, and all you have to defend yourself with is a pair of tweezers?!

That’s kind of like mental problems might feel like.

And they come in all shapes and colors.

You might feel social anxiety.

You might have some kind of addition(take your pick)

You might have a hard time standing up for yourself.

You might feel depressed(This is probably the most booming year for depression since the GREAT depression)

Whatever it is, it might feel impossible. But anything is possible with the right mental tools and Knowledge.

We humans are capable of so much more than most of us give ourselves Credit for.

Rewrite your history. Don't think it's possible?

Check out my history, then come and tell my face that you're different.

You are capable of anything❤️
#freedom #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #thefmlproject #reframe #dragons #depression #fmltribe
"If our paths never crossed, I would have been dead..."

My heart sank a little, and I had a feeling of nausea, because the gravity of that sentence hit me like a ton of bricks.

I actually had to step back and take a long walk.

I ended up climbing a #mountain, but that's besides the point.

I have lost count of how many "coaches" that have reached out, only to pitch their "unique" client attraction system and then go silent once the conversation takes a turn for something real. 

For too long, I had lost faith in my own abilities as a coach, because it seemed like coaching had changed its meaning. I always believed that it was about guiding people towards their purpose in life. To make them see that they actually have an #amazing #power within them.

A power that enables them to be whom they choose.

Not how to believe that money is the answer to all things.

If not having $10K months is the main issue in life then I'm sorry, you don't have real issues.

There are amazing artists out there who have practiced and honed their gifts for decades, yet nobody has enjoyed their art because they have a deep fear of putting themselves out there.

There are people with the purest hearts and all the love to give, but they don't share it because they are afraid of what other people might say about them.

There are people who have lost all hopes in life, because they are trapped in an algorithmic reality.

#Coaching comes with great #responsibility. It is something to be respected, because it's power holds the potential to change, or in some cases - literally save lives.

You might be wondering why I'm writing this...

I almost gave up countless times because I lost faith in myself due to what "coaching" had evolved into. This was of course only because of my own algorithmic #reality.

But because of WORDS, a life kept going with new #motivation and hope.

I'm writing this because you might be one conversation away from helping someone see the light. From helping someone find their power.

Don't stop💚
Everything you do is a seed for something that might happen in the #future.

You think something sad, it might grow to leave you #depressed.

You tell someone that you #respect them, they might get the #confidence to take the leap on something they've been holding back.

You can pull #positive #emotions from your past. That goes for negative one's as well.

But it all happens NOW.

Be aware of what you do in the now, because it might do something for your #future🙏💚

I like to picture what the world looked like in the past, like this structure that I found in the middle of the #forest.
#photooftheday #mymorningroutine #keepthepastinthepast #liveherenow #positivity #unity
What do you do to refuel?

I wanted to combine some things to be as #efficient as I could. I wanted a #morningroutine to get into better shape. I also wanted a way to think and #reflect. I missed the #sunrise. I needed a way to shut my #brain off, and I wanted to hone my #photography #skills.

So I started to take #walks in the early #mornings, #climbing #mountains while catching the sunrise. Because this is far into the #forest, there are amazing sights in #nature to capture in time, like this #river. 

What do you do to refuel your #energy?

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