Forge your legacy

Unlock The Biggest Secrets To Expand Your Consciousness And Forge Your Unbelievable Legacy

… Even If You Tried Before And Failed!

We know you’ve worked tirelessly to forge the future you desire.

You may feel like you’ve had some success, or a lot of success, but also feel like you’re still grasping for something to pull you into the next phase of your life.

That feeling that there’s something more, something your missing, is your intuition – your consciousness – trying to tell you that what you’re grasping for, isn’t of this physical world we live in. There’s something else out there that you haven’t discovered yet, just waiting for you to open your mind and accept it. Believe it or not, this is a secret that governments have kept quiet for decades!

Between 1972 and 1995, now declassified Project Star Gate was a U.S. Government CIA program that explored the phenomenon called ESP or Extrasensory Perception as a means to spy on the Soviet Union. This ESP “ability” that some possesed, allowed people to expand their consciousness to places they’ve never been, and provide detailed sketches and reports as if they were physically there seeing it with their own eyes. I KNOW … this sound ridiculous … but there’s some science here, so stick with me!

ESP isn’t just some psychic mind-reading paranormal hoax. Mark Komissarov, founder of InfoVision, developed a program in 1999 which has also allowed the visually impaired to gather information without using their eyes.


STILL DON’T BELIEVE ME!? Watch the video!

CRAZY RIGHT!? The limitations of your physical reality are bound by your ability to place mind over matter. And that my friends, is what we so eagerly want to share with you: not necessarily teaching you how to read minds, bend spoons, or spy on your neighbors, but how to expand your consciousness so you can forge your legacy!

It’s time for you to harness your inner power!

It’s time for you to take hold of that missing piece you’ve been searching for!

It’s time for you to make your future dreams a present reality!



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