Let’s embark on the journey! Here’s the next steps…

Welcome to the FML Tribe!

What just happened?

You just submitted your details to work together on RAGNAROK.

Because of that, you have now received an email, titled “[Your Name] Important documents from The FML Project”
(Check your spam folder if you can’t see it within a few minutes.)

The email has 3 attachments
1. Project Outline – What we will be doing together
2. Order Summary – Financial details of your order
3. Payment Details – Bank information for submitting your payment

What to do next:

1. Pay the invoice we sent you unless we agreed to something else.
2. Book the Discovery call with the team where we go through your project in-depth, map out what you need, and what we must do to get you to the finish line!

We’re looking forward to speaking with you!

With love and gratitude,

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