Powerful tools and tricks you can use to level up your mind, body, and life

Learn How To Learn

When you want to achieve things that you haven’t done before, you have to learn things you didn’t know before and do things you never did before.

By incorporating these lessons in your life, you can potentially skyrocket your success in life.

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Heart/Brain Coherence


Within your, there’s great power. No, this is not some inspirational superhero quote. This is stating the fact that you are a part of something a lot bigger than yourself. A field, vibrating in the entire cosmos.

We can connect to this field. Someone will call it God, others, will call it Prahna. If you call it Qi, Mana, the Ether, or whatever the case may be – it doesn’t matter. You’re a measurable part of it.

This technique will teach you how to go deep within yourself and connect to that field, by tapping into your deepest intuition.

Install Emotions


Yes. It’s as whacky as it sounds. Your brain is magnificent, but it doesn’t know that, so you can actually “trick it”!

But don’t tell your brain..

Because our brains can’t tell the difference between thoughts and reality, we can literally put anything we want in there, including emotions.

If you want to get out of any undesired emotions, this is the technique for you!