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Throughout my journey, I’ve seen many things that have had more of an impact on my success than other things. But one factor that has helped the most, by far, is the books I’ve read. Don’t underestimate the absolute life-changing information you might find hidden away in the pages of a book.

Below, you’ll find my top picks in books that have had the most actionable knowledge thus far for me personally.

Disclaimer: If you buy any of these books, I will receive a small commission from Amazon. You will support The FML Project, while also gaining new information that might take you to the next level.



The Short Version of My Insane Life

Pain is often fuel for success.

This is a recap of my life’s milestones, including explosions, robberies, deportations, life-threatening diagnoses, suicide, and a bunch more…

Learn How To Learn

When you want to achieve things that you haven’t done before, you have to learn things you didn’t know before and do things you never did before.

By incorporating these lessons in your life, you can potentially skyrocket your success in life.

The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Cosmocentric Viking

The Journey to freedom can be a tough one.

As I sat down to record this video, I went through some memories that I had forgotten. What’s even more interesting is that the government that caused the challenge actually interrupted me during the video, as if the Universe wanted to let me know that I needed healing.

Meditate and Manifest

We teach some interesting things at The FML Project.

One of the bigger things is to introduce seekers to their highest potential.

In this video, I cover some of the tools to achieve that.

A different Reality begins with a New Thought

Freedom comes in many forms and shapes. It’s almost like genitalia.


Live Streams

LET’S TALK ABOUT EGO: Facing the wall of “me”

There’s this “thing” that likes to keep us back. Some even ruin their lives over it. What is it? Let’s talk about Ego.

SUPERPOWERS: Two “abilities” that you already have that holds the potential to change your reality!

We all have superpowers, but how often do we actually get taught about these things? In this episode, we’ll shed some light on exactly how amazing we are.

Cosmocentric Viking: Could this be you without you knowing it?

What are Cosmocentric world views, why is “Viking” a part of it, and what does it mean to you?

In this video, we’ll cover some of the mindset that supports this value system, and how you might already be well on your way to becoming a Cosmocentric Viking yourself.

Results and Hidden Powers: When the Universe Responds

Let’s talk about consciousness, how to see when your desires manifest, and how it is done (to some degree)

Adventure and Money: How life’s biggest challenges can be the biggest blessing

Is pure pain a propellant for good things, or is it solely destructive? In today’s stream, we’ll dive into the upcoming adventure of a lifetime, traveled by a member of our FML Tribe family. We’ll also discuss some of the issues and benefits of having a system on the verge of collapse.

Our Society, Mental Health, and Addictions: What is wrong and what can we do?

Is our society okay? Are we all just fine? What are these new addictions people keep talking about?

Follow us on our journey to find a solution to something most people are unaware of.




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