Give me COVID-19 in the Name of Freedom

It has gone on for too long. Enough with the fearmongering, lies, propaganda, and confusion. We share this earth together, yet we’ve been locked in a fight for freedom since the dawn of mankind. Is it Time to Awaken? It’s 03.08.2021, a date that changed my...

This was already said in April 2020: Wake Up!

Times have moved fast, and even more so in the past 2 years than any other time in history. Today, these things are more important than ever, because we truly have the power to shape our reality if we want it enough. Social Media: The GameChanger On February 4, 2004,...

How to create true value

For a long time, I was creating content online as TheSeppola. THE Seppola. It’s a good handle, but recently I found it to be a little bit too “ego”. It felt like it would be weird to create something that would create true value and benefit all...

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