The Complete Online Business System,
Made To Be Ethical and Aligned With Your Uniqueness



The Yggdrasil System is the engine that fuels The FML Project.

It was developed as a response to the current state of the industry, where too many are doing what they do just to make a quick buck. When Tor was “doing the reps” and learning all of this, he worked with many companies that practiced unethical methods of gaining business. People would believe that they would get value, only to get the short end of the stick, often left worse off than they were before giving their money to the business.


The Current Modus Operandi

Today, one can expect to see an ad on any given social media platform – often written by artificial intelligence, leading the potential client to a landing page hosted by Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels cost $97 per month minimum and is the go-to software for most aspiring marketers or online businesses.


“You don’t know what you don’t know”


One can hardly blame the “victims” of this, as it’s not common knowledge that the same software can be built for no monthly fee, often resulting in even more functionality, depending on the needs of each individual.

Tor had enough of the constant ethical struggle and wanted to figure out a better way.

This is what led to the inception of YGGDRASIL.



Simply put, Yggdrasil is a system that covers it all for a fraction of the cost compared to the industry standard.

It involves the following components:


  • A custom website where your “main hub” and traffic are
  • CRM System to organize and communicate with your clients, on a system that YOU own, as opposed to any social media platform, third party funnel software etc.
  • A “stage”, which is Youtube in most cases, used in a way that utilizes the algorithm and produces value and traffic.
  • A blog, to utilize Google Search traffic and organic reach.
  • Facebook strategies to further raise awareness for your business.
  • Email responders, to communicate with your audience – an audience that YOU own.

Yggdrasil also teaches best practices within copywriting so that you can communicate efficiently to your audience.


The Lighthouse Principle

Another issue that Tor saw, is that most people will “wear down” their prospects to buy their services, meaning they’ll use psychology to make them think they need what is being sold. Oftentimes, this only leads to disaster.

The Lighthouse Principle takes care of this problem because its main purpose is to guide the prospects to you so that you don’t have to chase them. If your service and value are communicated properly, you don’t need to sell. Rather, you’ll spend most of your time qualifying the people coming to you so that you only work with dream clients.


Quality over quantity

As Yggdrasil is intended for sustainable growth, you’ll also learn how to use simple software to significantly raise your production quality. Many business today throw something together without thinking about the look and feel of their service, making room for a lot of improvement.

You’re a professional, so you should look the part.

Yggdrasil also teaches best practices within copywriting so that you can communicate efficiently to your audience.


Does it fit your needs?

Yggdrasil is a universal system, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you sell High-Ticket Coaching, Masterminds, Toilet Paper, or Taiwanese Cat Sweaters.

Every business is unique, as it’s often a reflection of the person running it, so the needs will be different for each individual business.

To see if this fits you, we recommend you book a call to map out what you need.

Click the button below, choose “The YGGDRASIL SYSTEM” in the dropdown menu, and we’ll see how to best help you.


Looking forward to help you,

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