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Unlock Your TRUE Authentic Self FREE From Financial, Physical, Social, and Mental Constraints

Ambitious Freedom Seekers Find Us To Unlock Their True And Authentic Selves Through The Power Of The Mind, And Create A Freedom Business Online, Aligned With Their Values

What I Do

From Education & Work, To Spirituality & Freedom

My Mission Is To Enable Freedom Seekers To Unlock Their True And Authentic Selves And Forge The Ultimate Financial, Physical, Social, And Mental Freedom In Their Life Through Fundamentals Learned From Modern Science And The Old Ways Of The Vikings; And Inspiring Them To Encourage Others To Do The Same.

“We don’t appreciate the soothing candlelight until someone extinguishes it with a smelly fart…”

-Tor Seppola

The FML Philosophy

All humans are capable of being better, at all times. The moment we decide to do something different is the moment our lives change forever.

We serve, lead, and inspire people to uncover their greatness so that the world becomes a little better in the process.

We show how to be the change one wants to see in the world.

The Approach

At some point, we’ve all had something within us that held us back and often felt terrifying when brought out into the light.

There is a simple – yet difficult process to master; that we use to draw out what scares us the most, and remove its power.

By performing these specific exercises, we get specific, measurable results which, in turn, will unlock the unique greatness that is held captive within us all.

It all starts with a thought.


fml articles

Magic Mushrooms: What you should know in 2021

… magic mushrooms made me think so deep that I started to see patterns that had lead up to certain events, and thus what I could do to fix or alter them.

How I Committed Societal Ego Death

How the fire that ruined my life, also set me free.

Give me COVID-19 in the Name of Freedom

As I was growing up, I didn’t run the risk of having an old man masturbate in real-time as I scrolled on my phone, because I didn’t have a phone to scroll on!

Feeling Alone and Misunderstood: A Simple Reason Why

Feeling alone and misunderstood? I’ve found that it comes down to “language”. In this article, I’ll try to explain what I mean by that.



Become The Unstoppable You

Learn how to tap into your Primal Instincts and gain complete control over your own wellbeing.


The FML Method

Freedom Training

Learn how to create the freedom you desire by developing the FML skills!



Harm Reduction

We believe that everyone should know what their minds are capable of in a safe, knowledgeable environment.

Learn what science says about psychedelics, important elements, micro dosing, and routines for safe inner travels.

Our goal here is to reduce harm, and substance abuse, while encouraging safe, legal, and ethical treatments; should someone wish to explore it.





Learn how to reprogram your body to heal itself while you sleep.

Become the master of your body and mind.

You are capable of so much more than you might think!

You’ll learn how to upgrade your mind, and your life through proven scientific methods!



Quantum Connection

Learn the actual science behind the Law of Attraction and your connection to the Universe; not that “The Secret” crap, but actual quantifiable, mathematical, repeatable science that will show you more than you could ever dream of.

Become your higher self!

Years of soulcrushing experience



Happy Clients

the fml project


“Personally, I only choose to work with those I feel 100% in alignment with…those who still believe in putting the client first and having their best interest at heart, not just the transaction…

Those who will turn away a project if it’s truly NOT a good fit VS take your money anyway and do a piss pore job…Those who are not only skilled at what they do, but have character and see their work and those they work with as extensions of themselves.

For me Tor is that guy.”

Jay Hyler

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