Impact the world with your authentic power and create your legacy

it all starts with a thought

What We Do

We help world-changing Online Visionaries with branding and technology so that they can Forge their Legacy

Not Evergreen – Timeless

Not Impactful – Transformational

Not a new Mindset – A New Paradigm

Not simply a Brand – A Legacy

The FML Philosophy

All humans are capable of being better, at all times. The moment we decide to do something different is the moment our lives change forever.

We serve, lead, and inspire people to uncover their greatness so that the world becomes a little better in the process.

Be the change you want to see in the world.


You can achieve

the most incredible things

History and personal experience have proven time and time again that anything else is either a current lack of knowledge or an effort to not even try

– Tor Seppola, Coach

“We don’t appreciate the soothing candlelight until someone extinguishes it with a smelly fart…”

-Tor Seppola



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