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Being a parent is a blessing. Seeing your children master their world is priceless.

The Lake of Change

If you don’t take the plunge, nothing will happen

How to create true value

Power lies in a community of likeminded people

Diary – 12.02.2020

Diary – 12.02.2020

What really happened yesterday? I woke up at the usual time, 5 am. I went down to the kitchen and made myself some breakfast from the leftovers of mondays dinner. Everything seemed completely normal. I mean, why shouldn't they? It's not like I'm psychic and could...

Our Vision

Our Vision

I find it fascinating how our brain works. I didn't have a vision for this at the beginning. None, what so ever. It came as I was working at something else. I was designing the website and the branding for Roots of Gaia. This was Roots of Gaia originally, but...

How Positive Thoughts Work

How Positive Thoughts Work

THE POWER OF THE MIND Have you ever assumed that something bad is going to happen to you? That tomorrow wil definitely be worse than today, which already sucked ass? You know, that is exactly why that happens. Here's an explanation as to how positive...

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