What we use to run The FML Project

Client Management

If you’re running any business, physical or online, it pays off to have good customer relationship management (CRM).

We have been hosting our own system on-site for years, without any need of expensive 3rd party providers.

Website builder

Today, building a website is easily done by following instructions on YouTube, etc.

However, with the massive amount of options online, choosing something that is both sustainable and reliable, while also being easy to use can be challenging.

We recommend this software for all your website needs, and can also provide support on setting it up and maintaining the website.

Website domain and hosting

To do anything online, you will need two things to get started.

A domain for your website, and the actual hosting, meaning where the content is stored.

We have been using the same provider for over a decade, and have partnered with them in order to help you get set up in the best possible way.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the links on this page will result in a commission to The FML Project if a purchase is made. We never promote products that we don’t use ourselves and can stand 120% behind.

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