002 – SETUP: How to set up your webhosting through The FML Project

Let’s get your Online presence sorted, shall we?

1. Click the link to go to Pro ISP (opens a new tab)

2. In the Search Bar, type your preferred Domain.
(It doesn’t matter if you already own this with a different provider.)

FML Webhosting Step1

3. If you already own the Domain, click “U” for “Use”. If you don’t have a domain already, click “R” for “Register”.

fml webhosting

4. You will be shown an Order Summary on the right-hand side of the screen. Here you may choose how many years you want to pay upfront. If you clicked “U”, you won’t see a charge at this stage.

FML Webhosting Step 4

Click Continue.

5. Choose the Web Hosting Service.

Tor used Pro Start (1GB) for many years, and it was enough for his needs, but if you want to take your business seriously, we recommend going for Pro Medium (30GB), as this has more subdomains, more storage, and overall better service than the lower end package. It is unlikely that you need Pro Premium at this point, as this is more suited for larger corporations.

FML Webhosting Step 5

Once you have chosen your package, Click Continue.

6. Fill out the form as “New Client” (if you don’t have an account already).

7. You will receive a confirmation email of your purchase, as well as one important email with Account Details. This will contain your Username and Password on ProISP. Keep this information safe.

That’s it!

Congratulations, you now have Webhosting!

It can take up to 48 hours for everything to be ready online, but it’s usually done faster.

To add The FML Project as your account manager, quickly review this guide:
How to Add a Partner Account in ProISP

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