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Give me COVID-19 in the Name of Freedom

As I was growing up, I didn’t run the risk of having an old man masturbate in real-time as I scrolled on my phone, because I didn’t have a phone to scroll on!

This was already said in April 2020: Wake Up!

Times have moved fast, and even more so in the past 2 years than any other time in history. Today, these things are more important than ever, because we truly have the power to shape our reality if we want it enough.

How to build an online business and thrive in a time of uncertainty

What can you do to secure your future and gain clarity in these times? The Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, CV19.. A big event has many names, but the effects is still the same. People are hurting on a global scale. They are panicking and are scared for their loved ones...

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