This was already said in April 2020: Wake Up!
By: Tor Erik
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Times have moved fast, and even more so in the past 2 years than any other time in history. Today, these things are more important than ever, because we truly have the power to shape our reality if we want it enough.

Social Media: The GameChanger

On February 4, 2004, something happened that would forever change the face of the earth. A young kiddo – they say – from the University of Harvard, launched a social media platform from his dorm room. Facebook was born and nothing would ever be the same.

Today, countless businesses, wannabe businesses, and their grandma’s dog are using these platforms to earn a living, influence other people, keep up with the Joneses, and so on.

It also made an entire planet give up everything they did in their lives, from eating a turkey sandwich on the beach to posing with daddy’s guns on the lawn.

And as humanity became duller and lazier, technology, according to Moore’s Law, kept advancing.

As this constant hunt for the best-looking video game, or the most real VR headset continued, systems and technology kept growing in the background.

Did we fail the next generation?

Today, many of our children know what Coca-Cola and Netflix are before they’re 3 years old.

We are finding ourselves in a reality accepted by our very selves. We chose to live like this, controlled from every corner, fed “news” and statistics on an hourly basis to keep us fearing the world we find ourselves in.

I can’t believe how we accepted this… People are valuing things over people, cars, luxury over family, and tax-free booze over freedom.

We have become scared to speak our minds, abiding by laws that state that you’re a criminal if you eat certain fruits from Nature.

We accept that other humans can make us a lawbreaker for not wanting to have our faces recorded.

We accept that people can only be a family if it’s by the rules of the government – that because someone is from a different geographical spot on this shared earth, they don’t have the right to feel love.

Leaders walk their talk, period

I used to respect my own government, until the prime minister was on the cover of the paper, apologizing for breaking the very law she implemented just days prior.

This was already said in April 2020: Wake Up!
“I’m Sorry” – Erna Solberg, Norway’s PM

Bit by bit, the people are waking up to the reality that we’ve settled for. We do have a choice in this matter. We can speak up and share our truths!

Russel Brand did a fantastic job in this video.

Remember what you are…


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