The first thing we have to do before we can do anything of value, is finding out who you are. It may sound like a very simple question, sure, but it’s not. This is what will define pretty much everything you do in your life.

Your decisions are made based on what your values and beliefs are, in other words, who your Hero is. Hereby called the protagonist. The protagonist might be tasked to save the princess from the dragon, but how that is done, is based on how they act.

  • Do they kill the dragon to save the princess?
  • Do they befriend the dragon to save the princess?
  • Do they trick the dragon to save the princess?
  • Do they kill the princess and join forces with the dragon?

The options are endless, all based on how the protagonist think and how they see the world.

So what perspective do you see the world through?

You are a product of your own upbringing and circumstance. Everything that you know today is a result of what you’ve been taught since birth. What god to believe in, if any. What food to eat. How to treat other people and animals. Your taste in music, the list goes on. If you have firm beliefs in something and that something goes against the mathematical and absolute truths of the world, that is not your fault. You have been taught to think like this.

The main question is, are you willing to listen to different inputs and ideas, so that you can make up your own mind as to how things could be for you?

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