How I Committed Societal Ego Death
By: Tor Erik
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I’ve committed societal ego-death, and I feel amazing. In this article, I want to show you what could happen when you accept who you truly are, not caring about what others have to say or think about it.

Some Backstory

In 2007, I sat fire to a mall while being drunk. I ended up having $4 million in debt, and I got started on a new path in life.

My community shunned me, and I was branded a failure in national newspapers. If anything happens in Norway, the word spreads FAST, so the inmates at the jail knew the scope of the situation before I did, because it was all over the news for months.

I felt scared after that. Kinda like an anti-celebrity, where people would spot me coming down the street, and just cross over to the other side before we met.

My biggest mistake?

I started to listen…

I became the criminal that they saw me as. I started to hang out with the wrong crowd and having that debt hanging over me, I started to become desperate. My lawyer had told the entire nation that I was destined to be a debt victim for the rest of my life.

I believed him.

Becoming Who They Said I Was

Long story short, I committed three armed robberies in a stupid attempt to pay for said debt.

Luckily, I was arrested, although it became a very public spectacle. I truly felt like a super-villain for some time…Back then, I didn’t know that these events would give me anything in the form of value. I also didn’t know that they would become “the lesser challenges” I was to face in life.

That they would enable me to help others wasn’t even on my mind.

But during the next 13 years, I would go through life with a slightly different approach than what is considered to be “normal”.I wanted to forge my legacy, although I didn’t know how.

I would lose the jobs I landed due to a blood clot, and I lost my daughter to deportation, which took away freedoms that I took for granted most of my life.

That’s where the solution started to appear.

Turning Cosmocentric

I was so focused on finding ways to overcome obstacles, that the “consequences” didn’t matter much. Like sharing my truth publicly, despite what people might say.

I didn’t know it, but I had become “cosmocentric”, meaning that I would share thoughts, and take actions that promoted harmony and love towards a better future for my children, and every sub-atomic particle in the universe.

It came naturally, and I realized that I had become something else because of what I had experienced.

So in May 2021, the local newspaper reached out, wanting to hear what a criminal with my reputation did with life after being released from prison. Newspapers have one goal; to sell more news, so they will always write what people are most likely to read.

Having a story like mine, the pitfalls and potential catastrophes were many.

I grabbed the opportunity to do something that scared me.

I shared my story with the same community that had shunned me for 13 years.

And it was one of the most therapeutic acts I could have done.

I committed societal ego death, where I showed the world who I was, not holding anything back, and not thinking about what people would say about me.

It became one of the most liked articles ever for the newspaper.

“Arsonist and Robber turned Lifecoach.”

My life has become the ultimate experiment, where I constantly seek new ways of challenging my current paradigm, and it has yielded awards beyond my wildest dreams.

The Potential Benefits

I don’t have fear. I feel aligned. When I get overwhelmed, I can snap back to balance crazy quickly. The other day, the police came to my house with the foreign immigration department, and I experienced a reaction that I can only characterize as a result of PTSD, but 5 minutes later, I was back at my center.

I can’t tell you how liberating it is to know who you truly are, and live in your authentic truth. Some of you share my way of life, and some of you might feel lost at times, maybe you even feel like you have no control over your anger or any other undesired emotion.

My best advice; see life as the blessing that it truly is. Go into the unknown with no fear, and take chances that might feel scary. Share your truth, and live unapologetically as your authentic self <3

If you need help with any of this, I invite you to book a Strategy Session where we can map out where you are on your journey and how you can reach your desired destination.

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