Question: Do you believe in any gods?
By: Tor Erik
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This was a question I saw pop up on Facebook. As I responded to it, it dawned on me that I never really shared my thoughts on such a question, so I figured I’d write a quick journal entry on it.

Here we go

“I believe we’re all just compositions of subatomic quantum fluctuations, vibrating in a vacuum on a Planck scale. Everything is simply energy.

Us, all life, sentient or not(although science has found that there’s more sentient life around us than we’ve been taught), our fantastic nature, and the cosmos alike.

If we removed all human-created labels and instead saw that each and every one of us is true gods, working collectively through – or as – a higher intelligence, connected by energy, much would change… We wouldn’t have racism anymore. No more jealousy, no hate, no bickering over who said what, etc.

Humans even managed to fuck up time, making it more of a universally agreed-upon framework to live in, than a vessel for the magic to be created. Think about it. Everyone living their authentic truth in service of everything in the cosmos, building each other up, rather than tearing each other down.

No more “leaders”, trying to gain power for their own self-interest.

No more fear spread through international communications channels, like social media and new corporations.

No more wars, because resources would be shared, removing the “need” to invade.

I believe in each and every one of us, as we’re looking to expand human consciousness. Instead, we’re trying to prove something, often basing it in ancient texts that were written thousands of years ago, when believing in a smoke-spewing metal bird was heresy. Of course, we use them to skinnydip on some beach on the opposite side of the globe in a few hours, but they couldn’t even conceive of it.

What if they found a small magic box, with tiny humans living inside of it, that was holding every piece of knowledge that humanity has ever learned, and they could fit it in their pocket… That sounds CRAZY!

Yet, for some reason, some would still use a 2000-year-old book as the guide for everything they do with their finite time in this reality.

What’s even weirder is that many would say that they follow their scripture to perfection, yet the very basic values like love, compassion, and gratitude are often disregarded, as they go to battle in the name of love…

I believe that we are Earth/Cosmos, and we should all just try to make it better for our children who’ll inherit it when we ascend/reincarnate/pass/transmute, etc…”

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What is this?

We’re all going through life at different speeds. Sometimes we feel called to do something “more”. We have dreams we want to fulfill, goals to accomplish.

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Spirituality is so much, and we all have different “labels” associated with each personal understanding of any given label.

The way I teach is through science.

The quantum connection to all things, and how energy – us – are able to not only find our purpose and mission in this life but also create amazing things in the lives of others, as well as our selves.


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