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How Psychedelics Provided The Dream Life
By: Tor Erik
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What is special about what I do?

When I first got into online business and the pursuit of something “more”, I had NO idea what I was going to do. And I had absolutely no idea that I would find psychedelics in the fashion that I did, and how that ultimately led me to the dream life.

I did Mindset, that’s it. Broad, I know… Well, as time tends to move on by, I started to find small nuggets of information to put onto my foundation of knowledge. Now I can say what I do, but it’s still hard to explain, so I figured I should write something about it.

I teach people how to learn, by utilizing neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics.

That’s the “easiest” way of putting it, but let me explain.

I got into the whole Personal Development game when I started to meditate at the beginning of my journey. That led me to experiences that I had never had before, so I was hooked.

The more I experienced, the more I learned and vice-versa.

I started using cannabis as a tool to get me even deeper into meditation, and my mind expanded forever. However, I didn’t know exactly what had happened with that expansion. Turns out it was going to be even more life-changing than my previous milestones in life.

My new experiments taught me things that forever shifted my reality. Who knew what was going on inside of our heads??

This led me down a path of exploration. I found psychedelics, the fatal drug that the governments, the media, and my loved ones had warned about since… Well, since I was able to understand what drugs are, I guess.

I studied every psychedelic I could find online, I read books on psilocybin mushrooms, I watched through 100’s of videos on LSD, MDMA, DMT, and everything I could find.

I was basically an amateur expert before I’d even touched the stuff.

Then, one day it was time. I had learned what I could from theory. Now I had to test out my hypothesis.

How psychedelics provided me with the dream life
My mind has become my sanctuary

My first encounter with psychedelics

I was sitting in my office one day, reading Magic Mushrooms of the World by Paul Stamets, when my phone received a message.

“Want to come join us for a trip?”

That was interesting, I thought. Here I was, reading about all of this, then I receive a message from an unlikely source, asking me to come and drop a tab with them! I didn’t have to think long, as I had a feeling it was going to be significant.

The “feeling” I had has become familiar. It’s a very specific sensation in my entire body that I have identified as “the tickle”. When I feel it, I go with whatever prompted the sensation. To this day it hasn’t let me down.

That night I became more of a guide than a first-timer. I was experiencing the effects I had been reading about for so long, seeing what all the fuzz was about.

Tapping into Power

The day after, I walked into the workshop of a client where a huge, expensive machine had broken down. They were waiting for a Canadian technician to fly to Norway and fix it. I picked up the user manual for the machine, flipped through it, called Canada, and explained to Doug, in fluent tech-lingo what the problem was and what I suspected to cause the problem.

Minutes later, I had saved the client $20.000.

This was like tapping into the essence of power. I had so much clarity and focus that I went from ecstatic to enraged.

This is what governments and the media had been trying to hide from the people for so long. Now I understood. What do you think would happen if an army of self-accountable super-humans decided that enough was enough? Yeah, exactly.

I also realized that this is not something to be taken lightly. One needs to really know how to handle it, measure it, where to take it and with whom, etc. This was power, but there was also a reason as to why so many people had been tripping for decades without seeing the same effects as me. They viewed it as a party-drug, and not the potentially life-changing medicine that it is.

Enter Quantum Physics

After the experience, I started to research new depths. With my knowledge, I knew where to look for the info I needed next, so I started to study the mushroom more. This led to me finding and experimenting with micro-dosing. My life changed… -again.

The thing is, once you’ve had the experience, you don’t really need to do it anymore. The effect stick with you. Your brain alters and can never go back to the state it was in pre-experience. This is due to neurogenesis, a concept I was completely oblivious to.

Now my brain was a supercomputer with a lot of potential, yet little knowledge, compared to the state I’m in now.

My brain evolved

I was studying the brain pretty hard for a while. Now I only do it every day, but not every second of the day, you know? I started to see results in what I was doing, so I kept going.

As I implemented more and more techniques and exercises in my day, I could see my thought-pattern change over time. You see, you get super aware of your own actions so that you can correct course when needed. I learned how to deal with anxiety, overwhelm, lack of discipline and focus, and so much more.

With quantum physics becoming a part of my everyday life, I started to really dive into epigenetics, to see if I could alter how my physical body could be improved with these concepts. Shortly after, I had gone from a tummy to a six-pack, without touching weights or walking into a gym. My experiments worked, and epigenetics became a big part of my life.

I regained mobility in the arm that had held me back for years and became stronger in every way imaginable. The doctors I had been seeing regularly for years were scratching their heads, because this completely contradicted their methods. It wasn’t supposed to be possible, yet here I was, healthier than ever, having more or less “removed” the effects of an inoperable blood clot that had held me back for a decade and a half.

Taking it to the next level (again)

Then I wanted to really go in and strengthen my brain, so I bought courses, books, watched videos, experimented with techniques, and so much more. I became hooked.

I realized that I had gone from somebody who wants freedom, to somebody who had the ultimate freedom as a side-effect of what I’m doing.

That led to me starting to provide people with a service. What that was, was not easy to label. But I knew basically all I could know about mindset, so I stuck with that. It was the easiest way to explain something I couldn’t explain myself.

Then, over time, people started commenting on my topics and content regarding my lifestyle. I seemed to have a unique way of explaining, and pointing out a problem before I gave my hypothesis of a solution to what they struggled with.

That’s when I knew I had something of value. Something that wasn’t mainstream. Something I knew worked, because I was the ultimate case study.

The Business

I started taking business courses, reading business books, learned about copywriting, social media marketing, organic marketing, paid advertising, sales & conversion, funnels, automated lead systems, and the list just goes on.

Because I knew how to learn extremely efficiently, and because I had studied speed reading, I retained the information and went through books at blazing speeds.

It truly felt and still feels like I have the power to do anything… -because I can. I can create money because I know how to create a valuable product and sell it. Now I also know how to teach people how they can do it too, so I see my knowledge as a gift I can use to provoke a change for the positive.

My goal has become to give people the tools they need in order to take their life to the most unimaginable heights. But how, you ask? Not everyone wants to go through the same journey I did…

Well, that’s the beauty of it.

how meditation changed my life

A goal has several paths to the destination

Now I’ve learned not only how to do all of this myself, but the best ways to do it, tailored to the person I’m consulting. Then, through helping others, I discovered ways to achieve the same results regardless of background. I also work with people 1-on-1 and use their feedback to further improve on the quality I provide, so my life has turned into a constant positive feedback loop.

What I do now, then, is that I teach people how to attain freedom.

If they struggle with direction, we work on the mindset.

If they struggle with business, we work on what they need to solve that.

I help with confidence, communication, presenting, packaging, messaging, offer-creation, YOU NAME IT!

It’s amazing to look back and see the change in my life ever since I sat down to freaking meditate!

So that’s a little bit of how I got to where I am today, and what I do.

I’ve started a podcast, written a book, working on writing my second one, my partnerships are amazing and life just keeps on giving. There have been struggles, but if you have faith in your wings, you won’t fear the broken branch you’re standing on.

And that is freedom. The knowledge to do whatever is necessary to create the outcome you desire.

That’s what I teach. That’s what I do.

Was this interesting? Feel free to book a Strategy Session with me, where we will solve some of your immediate struggles.

My philosophy is that the more I’m able to help people, the more people will see the potential in this. And the more people we are, the closer we get to a positive impact on the world, as people will be able to spread the knowledge and share the light.


  1. Brody Van

    Great read! Thanks for sharing. I also use a method of breathe, sound and some ceremonial tools like mushrooms and dmt on special occasions to cleanse and perform proper maintence on my mind, body and soul! Love you brotha and the message you share ♥️

    • Tor Erik

      It is truly amazing what happens when we lean into our purpose and what nature has provided us with! Thank you for your kind words, brother! Much love <3


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