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How To Overcome Overwhelm
By: Tor Erik
Categories: Mindset

Starting a Journey 

I wanted to write something about my own way of doing this, for those who want to know how to overcome overwhelm on their own path to freedom. Working hard to achieve something that you’ve never experienced before is hard because it’s outside of your comfort zone.

But by sticking to it, amazing results will occur.

First off, it pays off to be open about which problems one faces. That alone is enough to start a change. You’ve identified the problem and are emotionally invested in changing the outcome. That is powerful stuff.

I used to have $4 million in debt, I spent 3 years in prison, battling suicidal thoughts when I was in isolation for long periods of time. The doctors diagnosed me with an inoperable blood clot at the age of 18, which made me faint from the pain in any work environment I tried.

Life wasn’t optimal.

Then I got a son and started seeing the problem, much like many do when they are honest about what troubles them. I needed to do something.

The relationship with his mother didn’t last, because we didn’t match. Today, I know that it was more or less a misalignment in frequency and that I was draining my energy to feed someone else’s. No reciprocity. Epigenetics teaches us that if the body undergoes constant stress, it will become biochemically addicted to those emotions. Not a good place to be.

We split up as friends and my journey had begun.

I met someone sometime after that and we started living together. Shortly after, we had a daughter. She didn’t have citizenship, so I vowed that I would help her stay in Norway.

To make matters even harder, my daughter who had just turned 1 year old, was deported with her mother to the other side of the planet.

Starting to Change

After that, I’ve constantly been working to upgrade myself. I read about quantum physics, epigenetics, biohacking, marketing, online business, mindset, spirituality, micro-dosing, meditation, technology and systems, content production, and much more.

I started reading books and studied speed-reading among other things to upgrade myself. That led me to neuroplasticity, which taught me that we aren’t “set in stone”, and that anyone can change their biological structure if they follow the “rules”. Soon, I became a master of my own mind, who could learn anything I needed in order to reach my goal.

As can anyone who’s open to learning new things. By knowing about the scientific process of achieving it, one simply has to follow the steps and know what to look out for on the journey.

Today, I am a completely different person. I know how to overcome overwhelm, I have complete control over my thoughts and emotions, I am a high-achieving, self-accountable, hard-working machine of my own design. I know what I’m worth.

I’ve been an extra on Netflix, I have written a book, developed powerful partnerships, and more. And my loving family is back in the country, safe.

The FML Project | How to overcome overwhelm

Starting to overcome overwhelm

By you admitting to yourself that there’s something you’d want to change, you’ve told your Reticular Activating System, the RAS, that you have a problem. The RAS is your “sorting” mechanism in your brain that will seek out solutions automatically, even when you sleep.

Depending on what you’ve tried already, it might just be a matter of knowing what to do in the relevant situation, so do NOT give up. The world needs entrepreneurs. In my opinion, nobody else will get us out of the global mess we’re in.

We need passionate, hard-working individuals who want to change the world for the better, with the knowledge to do so. I think that in order to do so, you need to know how to overcome overwhelm in any situation.

I want to hear about your situation and see how I can help. This is the best I can do without having a complete overview of the situation.

I hope that helped.

If you want to have a chat about your situation and see if I can help, book a free call right here.

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What is this?

We’re all going through life at different speeds. Sometimes we feel called to do something “more”. We have dreams we want to fulfill, goals to accomplish.

At the same time, we crave freedom. Freedom to think as one pleases. To act as our authentic self. To love unconditionally.

Personal Development is the uncovering of the mindset that is behind a free life.

Everything can change with one thought. Our job is to find and deliver that thought.


What is this?

Spirituality is so much, and we all have different “labels” associated with each personal understanding of any given label.

The way I teach is through science.

The quantum connection to all things, and how energy – us – are able to not only find our purpose and mission in this life but also create amazing things in the lives of others, as well as our selves.


What is this?

At The FML Project we believe that everyone deserves to be free.

We facilitate ultimate freedom by showing how to unpack your unique knowledge and experience, and how to help others in need of that wisdom, effectively creating an aligned and purposeful business that will enable the lifestyle you desire.

We live in a brand new world, but most of the world has yet to notice.

Forge Your Legacy


What is this?

Freedom is often a concept that lies deep within.

As my biggest change came from Psychedelics, we have a lot of information on the topic.

This information is intended to reduce harm and spread awareness around a far too hidden subject that could save lives if understood and safely applied.

Freedom Movement

What is this?

As we're currently living in a world of coverups and false information in order to induce fear in the hearts of the general population, we've decided to speak up and educate those who don't know where to look for important information.

We share actual proof and patents, discovered by some of the best researchers in the world in order to show as many as possible how to stay safe.

We're at war, and it has been going on for some time.



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