transformation of a life
Transformation in action
By: Tor Erik
Categories: Mindset

Have you ever seen a life change right infront of your eyes?

Have you seen how the world expands and becomes exciting and wonderous from one second to the next?

That is probably the biggest reason behind why I love what I do.

I love to see people realize that there’s more to life than they thought.

And this perfectly ties into being a parent.

My daughter is a unique creature. She embraces life and the magic of this reality in such a genuine and loving way.

She observes everything around her and jumps face first into challenges.

Yesterday, she demonstrated this perfectly.

That morning, she loved water. She absolutely loved to crawl in it, splash in it, run and sit in it.

Then she took it one step further.We were at the beach, where suddenly she took a breath and DIVED in it!

Before this moment, my 2 year old daughter had never immersed her head in water intentionally before.

She dunked her head and a second later, popped back up with a huge smile.

Then, minutes later, she was under water for 3 meters (approx 10ft) before popping back up!

Her world is forever changed from that moment. Now she knows that she can, and as a parent, it’s the most beautiful thing to behold.

What I realized, is that she’d just transformed.

There’s a difference between learning and transforming as Vishen Lakhiani says.

When we learn, we remember things. We can repeat things.

When we transform, our brain grows and our world expands, so that we can never go back to the way things were, because the facts that we experienced has forever changed our brain chemistry.

What’s the biggest transformation you’ve experienced?


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