How To Find Your Purpose While Stepping Back
How To Find Your Purpose While Stepping Back
By: Tor Erik
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Your Purpose Might Be Clouded

In this article, I want to share some thoughts regarding how to find your purpose (by stepping back) and being spiritually aligned, how they are connected, and when you might know when you are – and when you are not – on the right path.

Where are you on your path?

If you feel uncertain, stuck, anxious, depressed, scared, or any other emotion that feels “off” in a situation where you should be feeling aligned and great, it might be a misalignment of your purpose.

I’ve been living according to Kaizen for some time now. I’m constantly developing my understanding of “me”. This is where you might resonate. When you’re stepping into the next iteration of “you”, you’re literally leaving a piece of you behind. The past that got you to your current stage of development isn’t serving you anymore, and there are new challenges to transcend. When this happens, you’re forced to learn new things. Integrating these things into “you” takes some effort, and while your brain is literally changing its form, it might feel uncomfortable.

When your brain forms new neurons, I think it would be weird if we didn’t feel some effect. You might feel confused and “lost”, but it will pass. It’s a necessary phase to conquer on your way to greatness.

Think back on what you’ve already achieved! And if you haven’t already – make a folder or a poster with your wins, so that you can have a look at it when you feel like you’re losing at something in your life.

When you feel this overwhelming emotion creeping in, think about your current stage in life and see if you can spot something that you’re doing that is relatively new to how you normally live. If you find something, it might be the thing that is currently wreaking havoc on your mind.

It’s not always easy, but with continous practice, I believe anyone can do it.

The consequence of not listening to your intuition

If you’re like most people, you might think “I feel like shit right now… I don’t want to do anything.” – and wait until this passes by itself.

So you might look vacantly at your computer screen while thinking about the things you haven’t done yet. You might think about what could happen if this continues – or even worse – escalates!

You’re not the best person to be around, because there’s not many humans on this planet who enjoys spending time with people who keep draining their energy. So you feel lonely.

You go through your day in this state, and you feel like all the work you’ve done is wasted. No results, so something has to be wrong, right?

Not necessarily.

You’re not your thoughts. Have you heard that before?

“Yeah, it’s that woo-woo Law of Attraction crap I keep seeing in my timeline”

When you feel bad, you’re creating a “field” around you with that type of energy. If this is new to you, I recommend you read my article on Quantum Meditation where I explain some of the science behind this phenomenon. It might just change your life completely. It did for me.

Finding Purpose

Humans are weird. We’re the only species that we know of that are able to visualize our own death, and feel emotions on demand. You can train yourself to feel empowered and amazing!

When I speak to clients, I always see if they have anything that fuels them in their life. If they’re gung-ho on finding purpose, yet don’t have anything but work to fill their day, we have a problem. Purpose can’t be pursued if you’re blocking the path. But how do you open that path?

I think we can explain this with one word; Creation.

When we create something within a field we enjoy, many will find themselves losing time and “tapping into something”. The Zone, The Creative Space, The Flow, whatever you want to call it, it’s the thing that can give you energy when you feel down. For me, that is communication and visual art. I can speak to people for hours and lose complete track of time.

If you’re not creating anything currently, you might want to start seeing if you can find something you really enjoy doing.

If you test a variety of things, you’ll quickly pick up on the right thing for you. Who knows, maybe you become a biker who knits sweaters for house mice? That would be interesting!

When your purpose is clouded

This is an interesting topic for me. I love figuring out what makes us Homo Sapiens tick. And what I’ve found is that very often, purpose is aligned with our Why and vice versa.

When you create something from your heart. Something with a piece of your soul in it, be that a book, a song, a painting, a sculpture of the world’s biggest hedgehog, whatever it is – you’re enabling new neurons to connect in your brain.

When that happens, you increase your creative capacity, which in turn enables you to think differently. The effects might not even be noticeable at first – until you look back and go “damn… Just…. Damn!”

When you’re being creative and thinking in the form of opportunity and creation as opposed to seeing challenges and strife, you’ll get a clearer and clearer picture of who exactly “YOU” are.

So by simply enjoying yourself a little by adding some magic into the world, the bigger mission of your life will start to emerge, and all of a sudden you dare yourself to dream bigger than ever before. And voilà, a purpose has manifested, making your journey fun and effortless, because it’s tethered to your Why.

But How Can I Get Started?

It’s easier said than done. Nothing in life comes easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. Try slowing down! When you step back from the feeling of uncertainty and “lost-ness”, you’ll free up some mental space. I find forest-covered mountain peaks, and throat-sing to the sunrises sometimes. It sounds weird, but it feels good. Take a walk in the woods, do something completely different, know that this is just the final phase until you step into your next chapter.

I had this feeling for months not that long ago. The reason was that I didn’t get the response I was hoping from my marketing efforts. I was a transformational coach who helps people get to their next level, find their why, and create their ultimate life in freedom and abundance.

I stepped back when I noticed my pattern. And you won’t believe how simple it was to fix the situation!

As I said, I love talking. Communication for me is my art form in many ways, but I was communicating as something I didn’t fully resonate with. I changed my “title” to become a Spiritual Coach with a dash of psychedelics and WHAMMO – there she blew.

Everything became effortless, because all of a sudden, I was more “me”. I had been communicating the same message from the wrong outlet if that makes sense.

How To Find Your Purpose While Stepping Back

As soon as I stepped into the whole Spiritual Viking Coach with a dash of Psychedelics, everything changed. Yes, I realize that I just wrote it, but I enjoy saying it, so that too is a good sign for me!

If you feel lost, unfocused, unclear on what to do in order to reach your goals, reach out.

By now, I have the feedback and data to say that you WILL get clarity on this free call. Let’s talk about where you want to go spiritually, financiall, romantically… – where you want to go in life, basically 🙂

Have a fantastic day,


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