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By: Tor Erik
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How To Become The Ultimate Creator In Your Life

Let me tell you about the Quantum Holistic Lifestyle, how everything is connected, and how you can design your life by knowing about a few key concepts. This is the first post in a series that will explain what I do in order to reach my goals, stay calm and focused, find discipline and confidence on-demand, and how I can learn anything I need to learn by following scientific techniques and frameworks.

I once thought that I was just made in a “certain” way. That I was born into the one I was. Then I learned how to design my life and saw that what I previously believed wasn’t the whole picture. My thoughts and beliefs had been handed to me by my teachers and those close to me.

I also believed that everything was separated. Science had its own categories and sections, health issues had its own diagnose and reason for being as they were, without much of a chance to change those facts.

Today I live by a different creed. Today I know that what I think and do will affect some other, seemingly different part of my body, mind, or personal reality. Everything we do is connected as a whole, which means that if you’re engaging in some bad habit, it might be because you have a routine or a thought pattern in some other area in your life that you don’t even think about.

By understanding this, I came to realize that it was possible to tweak those things I wanted to change. To remove those pains that I didn’t need in my life and to install those new habits that were empowering me in my journey through life.

It starts in the mind.

You might sleep poorly, you might think that some issue is caused by your diet, you might think that when people react negatively to something you say, it’s their fault.

It all starts in the mind. The thoughts you have affects the hormones that are produced in your body. The hormones initiate some state that you might get overcome by. That state shifts your frequency by affecting how your heart and body align with the reality around you. That lower frequency affects every area of your life.

The most dangerous thing about this new state is that if you live in it for too long, your body will become biochemically addicted to the hormones that are produced. This means that as soon as you try to embark on a different path in life, you’re outside of your comfort zone. That comfort zone might be based on fear, negativity, sadness, frustration, or what have you.

If you’re not aware of how your body is affected by your mind, you might be stuck in such a state, which is not pleasant. But simply knowing that this could be the reason for why you’re feeling like this, might be enough to initiate a domino effect of change that will echo throughout every part of your life and start your journey into the quantum holistic lifestyle.

Your Internal Filtering System, The RAS

Your Reticular Activating System, the RAS, is the little sorting software in your brain. It’s job is to provide you with the information you need in order to come up to a solution for your question.

If you think to yourself, “I haven’t seen that many birds outside today”, you might start noticing a lot more birds, because the RAS is actively searching for the issue you raised. If you start your day thinking “Today will probably be equally as bad as yesterday”, your RAS will make sure that you notice those things and thus, your day will become crappy.

If you’re learning something and you have a question about what you’re learning, you can use the RAS to find the solutions quicker. If you read a book, say Sapiens, in this case, asking a question like “Where did we come from?” will make the RAS lookout for phrases that might answer this question as you’re reading.

So knowing about the process as to how you might feel bad or sub-optimal, will make you aware and start looking for a solution subconsciously.

This is what I mean about living a Quantum Holistic Lifestyle. I’m aware of my habits, my behavior, my thoughts, how I speak to others, how I react to things, and how I want to show up in the world. By knowing about the process that sets off the domino effect, I can consciously navigate my mind to produce different and more desired results.

When I speak about Spirituality, some might take offence. They might take offence because of what they are thought to believe that spirituality means. To me, it simply means growth. Knowing that I’m part of something bigger than myself. Knowing that nature doesn’t waste anything and thus, I am a part of nature. I am a part of the black holes in the galaxy. I am a part of the dust on the moon.

We will dive deeper into this topic later, explaining the science behind all this. If you want to get a head-start, check out the podcast episode that uncovers the science of this concept.

By knowing about atoms, sub-atomic particles, and the science that we have discovered, I not only believe that I am a part of this universe, I feel it.

The FML Project - Quantum Holistic Lifestyle

I resonate when I hear physicists discuss how particles can become waves. In my meditation practice, I’ve been on a search for more of what I felt to be true. By applying the techniques and exercises I’ve learned over the years, I found proof that what I read wasn’t just some woo-woo theories, it was real. I became aware of the power that we are all capable of possessing because I became something else.

I became a conscious creator.

Self Awareness leads to Impact

There are many ways to experience these things for yourself so that you’re not just reading this and going “Wow, he’s way out there”. The Quantum Holistic Lifestyle is about being self-aware and capable of making the change you want to make in the world.

In my opinion, problems and misalignment arise when people assume that something is not true or possible, simply based on what they have been told or what their knowledge allows them to believe. Thus, they take offense when they are presented with thoughts that go against their reality.

One does not know what one does not know.

So for me to be able to create the life I wanted, internally and externally, I had to be open for new things. I had to rid myself of the hatred I felt for those who didn’t share my beliefs. I had to become humble, so that I could have meaningful conversations with people, even though they had issues with my lifestyle or the way I think. By doing this, I was able to gain powerful friends from all walks of life, with different lifestyles and different beliefsystems. I was able to achieve harmony in my relationships and in my life.

It all comes down to the way you’re living your life. From a holistic perspective. And everything is part of the quantum holistic lifestyle.

All You Need Is Love (sometimes)

Everything I do is based in love and compassion. You might not agree with this, but there are many roads to the goal. Every religion starts with love for oneself and those around them, even though many people who refer to themselves as devout servants of a given religion, carry prejudice and resentment towards those who don’t share their religious views.

This is not the stereotypical “Hippie way of life” where everything is peace and love. It’s about making decisions and take actions rooted in a passion to do good by others, so that you feel good about yourself. If you do something that is hurting another person, you’ll most likely feel a little shit about it. That energy will drain you and make your life miserable. But if you know how to deal with negativity, both in your life and in your own thoughts, you’ll be able to transmute and transcend it.

So it’s not all sugarclouds and rainbow farts. It’s about being aware of the balance and knowing how to retain status quo.

I live in a way where I don’t care much about politics and the mainstream media. I don’t care much about religion. I care about the reason as to why we have them in the first place and I focus on what my own actions bring to the world. I am only accountable and in control of my own life, so I see no point in being worried about things that I can’t control.

It wouldn’t be productive for me to argue about the semantics of death. Like Moloch in The Lost Symbol, I think having those arguments is pointless, as they cannot be answered before one dies anyway. Furthermore, it goes against the quantum holistic lifestyle, as it requires you to focus or believe and/or live by one, segmented topic.

I like to wonder what would happen if we didn’t have organized religion or people in politics who only want to benefit themselves from being in that position of power. Of course, politics have its up-sides, as do religion, but given what the origin of them both looked like, based on all the books, scriptures, papers, and both archaeological and archaeochemical evidence that has been uncovered, over time the essence has been lost.

I want to delve further into this in my next post, which will cover psychedelics. Both what I personally have gained, as well as how humans have used it historically. This might provide the necessary context for you to understand where I’m coming from. Maybe you’ll even be interested to learn more about the subject.

You can also check out my earlier posts that explain both in scientific terms and as stories, how I’ve applied certain principles in my life. I suggest starting with The Lake of Change.

Much of what I talk about, regarding the Quantum Holistic Lifestyle, comes down to self-awareness. Check out the post on seeing the value in yourself. Maybe you’ll see things differently?

Until next time, I hope you have an amazing day.


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