How To Overcome Overwhelm

Starting a Journey  I wanted to write something about my own way of doing this, for those who want to know how to overcome overwhelm on their own path to freedom. Working hard to achieve something that you’ve never experienced before is hard because it’s...

The Quantum Holistic Lifestyle

How To Become The Ultimate Creator In Your Life Let me tell you about the Quantum Holistic Lifestyle, how everything is connected, and how you can design your life by knowing about a few key concepts. This is the first post in a series that will explain what I do in...

The Lake of Change

You, your family and everyone from your family tree has always lived and worked on solid ground and nobody has ever tried swimming. You live near a lake. A big, foggy lake. The other side of the lake is left unexplored because nobody has any interest in getting there....

I Thought I was dying in the car, in front of my son

By the end of this article, I hope you’ll have a new perspective on life. I nearly died infront of my son, while driving to the kindergarten. This is the story about how I faced death and used it to live. Have you ever had to rush through errands, because you...

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